A STEM Quick Challenge! Need something for a reward or a sub day? Maybe an after school club or enrichment? This Quick Challenge will work great! Kids create a pom-pom blaster using a supply box and criteria card. Total engagement and fun! #STEM #Engineering #teacherspayteachers

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Are Terrific!: Multiple Classes- What To Do?


Circulatory System Lesson Any way to get students to understand something that is difficult to understand is always effective. 3365 C3 W8

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Make "dancing oobleck" to teach kids about sound waves. | 24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too


24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too


Simple Project on Hydro Electric Power Station with Turbine. (Modal) - Electrical Technology

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Clay makey makey controller

Clay makey makey controller | Make It @ Your Library


high school engineering labs - Google Search

Stanford University
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The Bebop drone can fly, hover in the air, and take off and land smoothly without assistance. It also has a HD 186-degree camera on its nose so you can capture the world around you.


Parrot’s Bebop drone is a speed demon


Take your squishy circuits 3D! In the "Electric Play Dough Project 3: Light Up Your Sculptures!" #science project, students make and use conductive and insulating dough to create a three-dimensional sculpture that lights up. [Source: Science Buddies, http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/Elec_p075.shtml?from=Pinterest] #STEM #scienceproject

Electric Play Dough Project 3: Light Up Your Sculptures!


Here's a group working to reinvent education by teaching kids to work with their hands. Will makerspaces define the classroom experience of the future?


6 Strategies for Funding a Makerspace


Dive into the maker movement and learn about maker spaces and fabrication labs for K-12.


Dive into the Maker Movement


Squishy Circuits Did you know play dough conducts electricity? Hook up a battery and use LED lights to create circuits that really work. Click over for recipes and tutorial.

10 Awesome Hands On Science Experiments | Spoonful


FREE - Library Makerspace littleBits (TM) Task Cards - A set of printable task cards to become acquainted with the litteBits(TM) Classroom Set and how they can be used in a makerspace (also called a hackerspace or DIY maker center).

Library Makerspace littleBits (TM) Task Cards


Easy to make circuits explained by Leah Buechley. What a fabulous idea!

TED Blog

6 talks on making electronics fun


Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker Show Youtube Channel: Great resource for Maker projects that kids of all ages can do.

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Make a wind turbine. Introduction to wind technology #STEM

Wind Turbine - Green Kid Crafts


Science from Trash: MANY projects, first done by kids in India

Science from Trash


electric playdoh

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Amp up the fun and have the kids learn about electricity with this experiment! Use homemade electric play dough - conductive and insulating - to create circuits that light an LED.

Adventures in Learning
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Electricity Stations

The Science Penguin

The Science Penguin: Science Penguin's Science Plans {week 8}


Liquid lights and musical posters: Welcome to the world of electric paint from CNN Tech

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Two versions of rocket balloon races - a perfect rainy day activity with the kids

Science on Pinterest | 64 Pins


Engineering Project: Paper Towel Roll Log Cabin #STEM

TPcraft.com: Paper Towel Roll Log Cabin


Help your students understand how protons are the positively charged particles and electrons are the negativley charged particles by charging their own iPod with an onion.

Charge an iPod with an Onion


15 simple science projects.

15 Simple Science Projects For Kids


This could be an awesome activity to keep the students busy while you take care of the first day paperwork.

Housing a Forest

Pipe Cleaner Challenge