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The Loki oh no you didn't face. < omg I was not aware of the Loki oh no you didn't face.

El tercer hombre más guapo del mundo es mexicano

El tercer hombre más guapo del mundo es mexicano

Robert Redford, 1960.

came across this photo of a young robert redford today. thought you might like it look at that hair! so dashing! :D Great photo!

Robert Redford

Robert Redford- Wow was he a hottie of yesterday! Did you see the movie "The Way we Were"?

Mi nuevo look

Nice to see long beard/hair combined with decent clothes for once. Bearded men can dress well, too.

Robert Redford in Ralph Lauren. The Great Gatsby | The House of Beccaria #

Robert Redford as 'Jay Gatsby' - 1974 - The Great Gatsby - Costume design by Ralph Lauren

98% of the world's richest men are clean-shaven. 98% of the world's lumberjacks, warriors, and badasses have beards. nuf said.

The Amazing History of Beards (INFOGRAPHIC)

A PhD in Beards This infographic is all about facial hair. Learn about where facial hair comes from, what people think of you when you have facial hair, and also some random facts in the history of beards.

Robert Redford, 1969

Redford, 1969. (the impossible cool.)

Well, Loki IS the god of mischief, so this all makes sense

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