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Overlooked Safety Hazards in the Home

9 Overlooked Child Safety Hazards In Your Home

Protect Children from TV Tip-Overs

TV tip-overs have injured more than children annually. Young children are drawn to the sounds and motions of the screens. Anchor TVs in your home to help prevent tip-over injuries.

Five Common Furniture Tip-Over Myths

Learn the scary statistics and how to prevent furniture tipping on your kids, (dressers, TV's, etc). Lots of good furniture anchor options and straps!

6 Tips to Prevent Furniture Tip-Overs

Anchoring furniture is an important part of childproofing your home. Here are 6 tips to help ensure your furniture is anchored properly

The Dos and Don'ts of Baby Gates

BENTLEY INVESTIGATIONS--Installing a baby gate can be harder than it seems. Read through our helpful tips to make sure your gate is installed safely and securely.