made of toilet paper tubes

Activity for Kids: book themed- Wild Things Toilet Paper Tubes . we made our version of these at the Summer Library Program after reading "Where the Wild Things Are." The kids loved it!

Cardboard Couture ~ Every year, art  design students at Strode College in the UK are instructed to design  construct costumes out of cardboard. The first assigned project is meant to kick off the year with some unconventional inspiration. In their first few weeks of college, students accepted the challenge  developed everything from a fancy ball gown to a tribal warrior bird. The variety of incredibly complicated designs have even included an 8-legged octopus  a shark chasing its prey.

Students Design Amazingly Creative Cardboard Costumes

Easy Kids Costumes: Lily Halloween Costume

Lily Costume

vintage illustration

Felicitas Kuhn - Christmastime in Pixieland. I'm pretty sure I had a kids book FULL of drawings like this and stories and songs that I would read every day leading up to Christmas.