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CCBF is a non-profit dedicated to treating children with cancer and blood disorders.

In this groundbreaking study, an enzyme extracted from pineapple known as bromelain was found superior to the chemo-drug 5-fluorouracil at treating cancer in the animal model. 5-fluorouracil is so toxic, that a dose weighing the equivalent of 3 pennies (7.5 grams) will kill 50 percent of humans given it. On the other hand, you would have to consume the equivalent of 1.5 lbs of bromelain to have a similar effect - which is practically impossible.

The Four Top Cancer-Fighting Spices

“For more than a year, American Girl has been hard at work developing a doll without hair option for girls affected by cancer, alopecia, or any medical condition causing hair loss. Debuting today as part of the My American Girl line, the new dolls provide even more possibilities for a girl to create a friend that’s as unique as she is.”

Can't wait for the Art Auction on October 16th!