I made this Superheroe door decor for the classroom door where I work!

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No Homework Binder--Each student has a blank page in the binder. The student must write the date, assignment, and reason for not having it on their page for each forgotten assignment. Keeps track of # missing and reasons. Great management tool!

Teach Bake Love: No Homework Binder


You've got to watch and show to your class! Reducing test anxiety one cheesy music video at a time.

Rock This Test!


Helping students find success on high stakes test by teaching them strategies to "work" the text and the questions.

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Great to use for groups! Assigning "jobs" with job descriptions on a necklace!

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the-TEACHER-in-ME Shop - | Teachers Notebook

Reward Coupons or Tickets |


Perfect Timing :)

Aussie Pumpkin Patch: Learning Clock Face


birthday Printables

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wise mind

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Teach123 - Tips for Teachers
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Nice quote for launching a discussion about WHY we need rules and procedures in the classroom.

Corkboard Connections


Free printable question list to help you hold student-led parent teacher conferences.

The Cornerstone

Tips for Holding Student-Led Conferences -



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Welcome Pennant Sign - Lime Green, Turquoise, Black,and Pink ($)

Teachers Pay Teachers
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Love this idea. I've been thinking about how to play Boggle with the whole class, maybe using a white board, but old school is the best way. I'll be looking for magnetic letters.Boggle! Obviously this could be done with a printout or marker, but I just adore the use of magnet letters. It would make a great center, whole group or choice time activity.

Clutter-Free Classroom: Boggled


Clipboards and Post-Its

Clipboards and Post-its


Wow. A great resource.

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16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest

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HAHA! Yes, parents, it's true. They tell all.

Doodle Bugs Teaching {first grade rocks!}: Pinterest Finds


Organization tips for teachers.

Teach123 - Tips for Teachers
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FREEBIE! 28 Job card with descriptions and directions for use.

Classroom Jobs for Back to School


This set of posters can by utilized in many ways. One of the most effective ways is to display the posters on the wall above something such as a white board after introducing each affix. Thus the students have a resource they can see and use daily. This packet includes the following: 2 baseword posters (2 pages wide each so needs assembling) 2 Prefix title posters 20 prefix posters 2 Suffix title posters 22 suffix posters 1 blank extra posters

Teachers Pay Teachers

Prefixes and Suffixes Poster Set - GREEN


Class library = Bath mats. When all are occupied no more kids can sit there. Great idea.

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Recipe for success- first day of school activity. So thoughtful...it actually made me tear up when reading the recipe for success! Doing this for sure!

Eating Abroad

Teacher’s Talk: First Day of School


story wands. the kids love to get a chance to explain each story element.

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