Phillip Stoltz

Phillip Stoltz

I'm a glorified toy maker
Phillip Stoltz
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environment sketch by ivan khomenko

The separatists clung to the fringes of civilization, populating the easily defended mountains. They could put up with starving but lousy cell phone reception claimed many through suicide.

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fantasy-art-engine: Waterfalls by Justin Oaksford


Art digital, digital painting, webdesign, illustration et inspiration…

Hot Digital Art by Eduardo Garcia

landscape I Hot Digital Art by Eduardo Garcia

Down Into The Catacombs by Zhou Shuo

Assassin’s Creed Unity - Concept Art Created by Zhou Shuo (Tnounsy) / Find this Artist on DeviantArt - Website

Types of medieval window design

1906 Types of Windows Middle Ages Tudor Renaissance

Paragon Misc Environment Assets, Scott Homer on ArtStation at

Over the past 2 years I had the fantastic opportunity of working in a small team of immensely talented artists here at Epic Games to put together a few levels for the MOBO 'Paragon'.

Concept Art by Flavio Bolla

A Nordic Shrine by Fantasy Environmental or Landscape Concept Artist Flavio Bolla.

Miks' Pics "Vintage Architecture" board @

Grand Ball Room in the Abandoned Castle in the Old Town.

Church windows

Church Round Windows alles für Ihren Erfolg - www.