Barbapapa is the character for the books in France. Release Date : Barbazoo : Blue Stem Barbamama : Pink Stem Barbapapa : Green

moomin mini pez!

Moomin is the character books in Finland. Release Date : Moomin : Blue Stem The Snork Maiden : Yellow Stem Little My : Red Stem Snufkin :

Moomin glass called Moomintroll fishing.

Moomin glasses are designed by Tove Slotte, the illustrations are inspired by old Moomin books and comics. The glasses’ shape is that of the popular Kartio glasses, designed by Kaj Franck.

Moomin Dining Moomin Mama Tea Towel

Moomin Dining Moomin Mama Tea Towel

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Pingu is a characters for the Clay Animation. Release Date : Pingu (Normal) : Red Stem Pingu (Tearful) : Blue Stem Pingu (Trumpet Mouth) :