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Muse and violin

Muse and violin Photographer: Andrey Yakovlev Art director: Lili Aleeva Models: Anisia, Risha (ABA models) Muah:Pavel Natsevich Style: Hanna Yatsko, Ruslan Shakurov For collection Hanna Yatsko "For Chagal"

(83) Одноклассники

(83) Одноклассники

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Vitamin deficiency has become a major concern for many now. Here is a brief on the causes, symptoms, diseases and treatments of vitamin deficiency.

Amariël has to earn a soul now that she has fallen from Heaven. Her eyes are completely white in the beginning but when she gets pieces of her soul, her eyes look more and more human. In the end she has beautiful grey eyes.

Moon and eye are my main choices for this logo as they are both in same shape and would compliment each other really well