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Funny pictures about Everything Stays In The Family. Oh, and cool pics about Everything Stays In The Family. Also, Everything Stays In The Family photos.

I'm the person who's 100% down for spontaneous adventures But also 100% down to lay in bed all day

I'm the person who's down for spontaneous adventures But also down to lay in bed all true!

I love cheer with all my heart but I disagree because football along with wrestling is one of the toughest sports to do, plus if you're like me and cheer for football ( I do for b ball too), you shouldn't be dissing on the boys your cheering for. Respect. If you give it you'll get it.

Charles Barkley, on being ‘better’ than Michael Jordan

You play football ? Oh thats cute, I cheer . I hate when people make such a big deal out of football and then say that cheer isnt a sport or is to easy . lol it isn't

That's hilarious

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "An 8 yr old boy was screaming at the grocery store cause his mom wouldn't buy him a chocolate bar so my friend bought one and ate it in front of him"

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The only reason I'm reposting this is because my dentist also has a fish tank like this. 😂 but they have a few more fish than just the ones from Finding Nemo

Cute Humorous Minions pics with quotes (09:52:11 PM, Saturday 05, March 2016 PST) – 10 pics

Cute Funny photos of Minions with quotes PM, Thursday September 2015 PDT) - 10 pics - Funny Minions


Not sure if I could do this to my roommate. but to the girls kitchen sure! the funny college pranks. =) That's awesome. =) I've been needing an idea for a new prank.


The solution to every problem…

Little Kid Writes This Hilarious Letter To His Sick Teacher. funny jokes lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings hilarious humor teacher funny kids

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