Chloe Sheppard

Chloe Sheppard

Why can't you be normal? Sorry, I'm paranormal
Chloe Sheppard
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Oh gawd, same Jack

markiplier-is-a-dweeb: “ I’m pretty sure I managed to screencap the entirety of their friendship TBH ” PAX east in one picture!

Mark Sheppard, king of the fandoms! Pretty sure that 3rd one is "Chuck" and not "Dollhouse", although he has been on both.

Mark Sheppard, king of the fandoms! (also gotta love how almost all his characters are in nice suits, and then there's Badger.)<<<Badger is in a suit.well a sort of suit.he has a tie.


Thats my repconse but my parents wouldve locked the door and called the cops if a guy was on our porch.

YT: New Blood by Kiwa007 on DeviantArt

YT: New Blood by on DeviantArt <<<<< pewds mark jack and cry during an apocalypse Markiplier / Jacksepticeye / pewdiepie / cryoaptic gif

{pewdiepie, felix kjellberg} the many reasons why I love pewdiepie

Sherlock was Photobombed by Dan and Phil! This was a Day in the life of DAn and Phil, Phil wasn't supposed to be on the lion

Pewdiepie doodles by blackbirdrose on DeviantArt

" So much blood and suffering and just death." Pewds and I could get along pretty well if i say so myself.


don't know where this come from