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Die bestehende Hangsituation wurde mittels zweier Baukörper aufgenommen. Als Reaktion auf die topographischen Gegebenheiten, befinden sich im unteren, in den...

Einfamilienwohnhaus Taschlert by KREINERarchitektur

<가족만을 위해 설계된 주택>외관, 내관이 예쁜것도 중요하지만 생활하는집 구성원들의 생활동선이 제일 중요합니다.아이를 키우는 집이라면 감성까지 키워줄 수있고, 자유롭게 자신의 생활...

Modern House Design & Architecture : Scape House / FORM by Kouichi Kimura Architects via ArchDaily. Good use of windo

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Revetement exterieur le meme que toit, might save cost? In the rear of this home is a new extension, where a 400 sqft addition was created to house the master bedroom and bathroom.