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    For a delicious and healthy breakfast, try Chobani’s Easy Overnight Oats. First, heat milk and honey over medium heat until just below a simmer. Pour over oats and refrigerate until cold. Then, combine the rest of the ingredients into oats and mix well to combine. Refrigerate until chilled, serve and enjoy! Discover this delicious recipe and many more with Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt.

    This Blue Cheese Turkey Burger Dip made with Chobani Greek Yogurt is your game day BFF.

    Pulled Buffalo Chicken & Cheddar Quesadillas with Chipotle Lime Crema Made With Chobani!

    From morning meetings to after school hangouts with the kids, staying fueled can be a challenge. Start your day on the right note with a quick and easy Super Green Smoothie using Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt. Packed with flavor and full of protein, this smoothie is the perfect breakfast if you’re on-the-go! Try out the recipe using Chobani Simply 100 today.

    Green smoothies don’t have to be complicated OR flavorless. Check out this Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt Green Smoothie recipe made in 4 easy steps. Add 1 cup of Pineapple Chobani Simply 100 (only a 100-calories!) spinach, avocado, pineapple, bananas into a blender with ice, almond milk, chia seeds, honey and ginger to whip up and enjoy a great start to your day.

    This easy caramelized onion dip is made with Greek Yogurt and is so quick and simple to make! Guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser. Via Amanda | A Cookie Named Desire

    Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt Smoothie Recipe - Here's a healthy recipe that's great for breakfast or afternoon boost to keep you energized. Nutrient-packed with fruit, protein, greens, fiber and antioxidants! Via @oodiegavin

    Chili Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges with Avocado Greek Yogurt Aioli - the secret to best crispy potatoes is most likely sitting in your pantry. These will be the last potatoes you will want to make! Via Katya | Little Broken

    This Greek Yogurt spinach and artichoke dip with toasted za'atar pita chips = the MOST delicious way to whip up a healthier dip for the big game! Via My Bacon-Wrapped Life

    Breakfast Pizza FOR THE WIN! Anything you like can go on this Greek yogurt pizza crust, and with an egg, it’s automatically considered breakfast. Via The Gourmet RD

    This healthy smoothie has nothing but simple ingredients: a large apple (of a sweeter variety– like Macintosh), some unsweetened almond milk (you may certainly use cow’s milk if you’d like), some plain Greek yogurt, a bit of oats, some spices, a few ice cubes, and just a touch of honey, if you need it. Whip it up in a strong blender and you’ll be sipping your pie in no time! Via Lynn [Fresh April Flours]

    Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins | These 100% Whole Wheat Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate Chip muffins are 100% delicious! Via Danae | Recipe Runner

    These pink Cinnamon Beet Pancakes made with Greek Yogurt are the most delicious Valentine's Day treat! Via Imagelicious Photography

    Fuel your body fast with delicious Salted Dark Chocolate Energy Bites using Chobani Simply 100. Combine chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut oil, vanilla and honey in a small sauce pot. Heat over low until chocolate is melted. Combine the rest of the ingredients with Chobani Simply 100 in a mixing bowl. Pour melted chocolate over and mix well. Refrigerate until cold. Portion and roll into 1’’ balls and enjoy!

    Smoothies are the easiest way to start your day on a healthy note. Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt makes for a quick, delicious, and protein-packed addition to any smoothie with only 100-calories and only natural, non-GMO ingredients. Head into the new year with a smoothie every morning!

    Healthy Peanut Butter-Yogurt Fruit Pizzas!! A perfect healthy after-school snack! Via Well Plated by Erin

    Check out this Chicken, Corn and Sweet Potato Chowder and DEFINITELY top it with a healthy scoop of Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt. Via Jenn {Eat Cake For Dinner}

    All about this Gluten-free Blood Orange Cake made with creamy Greek Yogurt! Via felicia | Dish by Dish

    This is a smooth idea. Kale, collard greens, almonds, Greek yogurt, raisins, chia seeds, medjool dates and milk smoothie!

    Banana, chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, Greek Yogurt, flax seeds, raspberries, coconut water and blackberries smoothie. AKA deliciously healthy in a cup.

    Discover delicious, naturally sweetened Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt smoothies full on flavor and satisfaction. From power greens to tasty berries and fruit flavors, these smoothies are just as delicious as they are quick and simple. Great healthy meal replacement after the gym or on the way to work.

    Make snack time even more interesting with Chobani Simply 100 Crunch! Discover delicious flavors like Strawberry Chocolate Truffle, Blueberry Cookie Crumble and Mango Cone Crisp that will delight your taste buds and health! Each Chobani Simply 100 has no artificial sweeteners, less sugar and is an excellent source of protein and fiber so you can feel great throughout the day. Snag your Chobani Simply 100 Crunch today!

    Jazz up your breakfast with a Greek Yogurt Green Smoothie Bowl! In just five minutes, blend these ingredients with Chobani Pineapple Coconut Simply 100, a cup of 100-calorie yogurt made with only natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, to enjoy a delicious smoothie.

    Chobani Simply 100 is the only yogurt under 100 calories that is an excellent source of both protein and fiber. It’s specially crafted this way, knowing that foods high in protein and fiber can help increase fullness. Made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, Chobani Simply 100 is an ally in your weight management journey by empowering you to reach your goals in the right way.

    A tall stack of soft and fluffy champagne pancakes topped with champagne-spiked raspberry sauce. These pancakes are made extra fluffy using Greek Yogurt. Via The Breakfast Drama Queen

    This healthy garden veggie dip is perfect for your next party! Skip the store bought tub; you’ll want to dunk everything in sight into this tasty homemade garden veggie dip! Made with Greek Yogurt and SO delicious. via Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

    Chobani Greek Yogurt lends incredible moistness to these easy baked doughnuts - and I've got three delicious topping ideas to finish them off! Via Sheri Silver /donuts, dresses and dirt

    Baked Apple Donuts with Cider Chobani Greek Yogurt glaze aka the most delicious breakfast ever. Via Grits & Chopsticks

    This Healthy French Onion Dip Recipe is lightened up w/ non fat greek yogurt, olive oil mayo, & is full of yummy spices! The perfect dip for your chips! Via Show Me the Yummy

    Just because the holidays are over doens't mean you need to skimp on cookies in the jar! These Peanut Butter Blossoms are delicious AND made with Greek Yogurt. WINNING. VIa Ella Smith

    Lighter Sonoma Almond Chicken Salad Sliders are slider rolls filled with a creamy, lightened up Greek Yogurt chicken salad that's a healthier option for parties and Game Day! Via Flavor the Moments

    Healthy Mexican Corn Dip made with creamy Greek Yogurt. VIa Samantha's Kitchen Table

    A gluten free Crock Pot Black Bean Soup with a smokey southwestern twist then topped with tangy Greek Yogurt for the ultimate savory bite. Believe me, you'll want to cozy up with a bowl of Black Bean Soup every night after trying this! Via Krista | Joyful Healthy Eats

    Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bars with Chocolate Ganache. These vanilla cheesecake bars are lightened up using Greek Yogurt and are the perfect winter treat! Via Danae | Recipe Runner

    Easy French Onion Dip made with Chobani Greek Yogurt to lighten it up. Dip on, dippers! Via Gina @ Kleinworth & Co.

    Eating healthy on hectic mornings can be tough. Here are 5 quick and easy ideas for an on-the-go morning! Each breakfasts packs a protein-punch featuring Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt.

    Please the holiday guests with Peppermint Panna Cotta, a Chobani take on a classic seasonal flavor. This quick, easy, and extra delicious recipe is made lighter with Greek Yogurt!

    Hosting family for the holidays just got easier. Make their mornings complete with Cinnamon French Toast made lighter with Chobani Greek Yogurt.

    Nothing beats the deliciousness of creamy, dreamy pasta. Lighten up your favorite classic using Chobani Whole Milk Plain!

    Chobani Greek Yogurt is loaded with protein & makes for a delicious replacement in these tasty Blueberry Sconies! They are a hybrid of a scone with a brownie but without the chocolate.

    Creamy Mashed Potatoes made with Chobani Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt! Lighten up that holiday classic.

    This Christmas cookie dough dip has a fluffy and creamy Chobani Greek Yogurt base that's swirled with plenty of holiday sprinkles and served with fruit and cookies for dipping. It only takes 5 minutes to make! #HolidayWithChobani Ad

    When it comes to holiday parties, the focus is all on the appetizers. Use Chobani Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt as the base in this tasty Spicy Vegetable Dip.

    Perfect Holiday Eggnog Smoothie made with Chobani Greek Yogurt. Take the classic flavors of eggnog and turn it into a smoothie. Perfect for an after-dinner treat at your next holiday party or at a festive holiday brunch! Via Betsy Fick // Heavens to Betsy

    The secret to making roasted cauliflower dip creamy and a bit tangy is adding Chobani Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt. Via Homemade For Elle

    Wow guests with this tasty Chobani White Bean Dip! Easy and tasty = win, win. Via

    Peppery Baked Wings and Wedges are pretty much all you need this hosting season. Via Famished Fish, Finicky Shark- Saundra