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Though my Soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the Stars too fondly to be fearful of the night ༺❁༻ Sarah Williams, The Old Astronomer [Artistry by Charlie Bowater]

Did you know you can save super big bucks with homemade alcohol inks? Genius!

Homemade Alcohol Inks

I can make homemade alcohol ink by soaking the insides of dried-up magic markers in alcohol, or by adding food colour to alcohol. (Other people have used fabric dye or Kool-Aid powder.

Free Alcohol Ink eBook: How It s Done A Collaborative Publication by "Alcohol Ink Artists" on Facebook We thank you for reading “Alcohol Ink eBook: How it’s done”. The purpose of the enclosed information and tutorials is to hopefully enlighten, inspire and assist alcohol inkers with skills ranging from beginner to the most advanced, learn and explore a wide array of new methods and techniques. We hope you can benefit from having detailed information all related to the use and application of…

Free Alcohol Ink eBook: How It s Done

Free eBook about painting with alcohol ink. For the last three months over 80 alcohol ink artists have been working tirelessly to bring techniques and examples to the world in a free eBook. It is … Mehr

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Watercolor Painting "Koi Fish" 9" x 12": Original Watercolor Mixed Media Art Painted on Paper

Inspiration for a watercolour tat? Watercolor Painting Koi Fish Original by LaurenHellerArt

The origins of embroidery can be traced back to the Warring States period in China (500-300BC) and to Sweden's Migration period (300-700AD), and some would argue that it hasn't changed much over the centuries:

20 Artists Who Took Embroidery To The Next Level

Fiber ocean art with waves embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza. I think this is beyond amazing, wow.

Poppies on long 14x3.5 inch ceramic tile in alcohol ink by Tina

'Poppies' Alcohol Ink Art on a long Ceramic Tile by Tina Stensland💗

Learn All About Impasto Paintings - Bored Art

Learn All About Impasto Paintings

“Sculpting with Paint” - Artist: Justin Gaffrey, who work exclusively with pure acrylic paints and using mostly the palette knife and his works utilize colors that are extraordinarily vibrant.

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Skin Tones (article is written in Spanish but this chart is in English) RuedaPaletaRetratos_juanpablo