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Choco Bear's board

Choco Bear set up this board as part of his 50-week gratitude tour in celebration of CHOC's 50th anniversary in 2014. You can check out the tour stops at
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Happy 50th anniversary, CHOC Children's!


Happy 50th Anniversary, CHOC! - CHOC Children's Blog

In this week's post, Choco Bear thanks the thousands of CHOC Walk participants through the years.


Thank you CHOC Walk Participants! - CHOC Children's Blog

CHOC has a special, longstanding relationship with the Angels. Learn more in this video.


Thank You, Angels! - CHOC Children's Blog

Research is an important part of CHOC's work. Scientists’ work today will affect patients for years to come.

Research Leads to More Gratitude - CHOC Children's Blog

CHOC has specialized in pediatric surgery since its opening 50 years ago, but nonetheless, much has changed.


Surgical Services: Then and Now - CHOC Children's Blog

Disney artist Bob Moore created CHOC's original Choco Bear illustration more than 50 years ago. Learn more about this special and treasured relationship.


Choco Bear’s First Portrait - CHOC Children's Blog

CHOC patients and brothers Ian and Micah recently overcame big obstacles to earn black belts and bright futures. Learn their story.


A Bright Future: Ian and Micah’s Story - CHOC Children's Blog

Since 1964, community physicians have played a significant role in CHOC's mission. In this #thxCHOC story, learn more about one such physician.

Thank You, Community Physicians! - CHOC Children's Blog

Choco uncovered CHOC's second time capsule, from 1993, and is sharing its contents on his recent #thxchoc blog.


Inside CHOC’s 1993 Time Capsule - CHOC Children's Blog

Pet therapy is another awesome addition to CHOC since Choco Bear first visited in 1964. Learn more about this wonderful program that helps kids feel happier in the hospital.

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