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Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez
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Vriska Serket -- Homestuck

Vriska Serket -- Homestuck <<< aww cute chibi fanart of her

why is dirk so perfect? ;-;  #homestuck  #dirk strider

Dirk, for gods sake. We talked about you borrowing other people's socks, dammit.

Nicolas Cage As Your Favorite Disney Princesses

Check out the gallery after the break to see Nicolas Cage as your favorite Disney Princesses. Let’s put Nic Cage’s head on all the Disney things! Head on o

Rufio cosplay

Rufio, Rufio, RUF-I- OOOOOOOOOOO! A unique character costume from 'Hook.' (via & Trailers & Trailers & Trailers) whenever I see hook or any pictures if this guy I now think "RUFIO"~

Make and embroidered DIY scout merit badge to honor a true gem.

We love these DIY merit badges! Great to make the kids feel better on a sick day, and also a great idea for dads on Father's Day! How-Tuesday: Embroidered DIY Merit Badges

How to Make a Pencil Case | A Spoonful of Sugar

This patchwork pencil case is sooo cute! And A Spoonful of Sugar shares a tutorial showing how to make one. The small zippered pouch can hold 6 pens, or a pencil and a small notebook, or even s…

Kankri Vantas, everyone

Kankri Vantas, everyone, awh come on you guys how can't you like kankri just a little bit?<--- kankri is my favorite troll, right next to eridan and karkat :)


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Maniac laughter

Lion King Shadowy Place - What's that shadowy place over there? That's provo, simba. you must never go there.