Simple geometric shapes can make the spread look much more alive and dynamic.  We could use these shapes as a "mask" to show our hero theme within our metamorphosis theme.

Posters for the opening of 13 wives a bar in Singapore designed by Foreign Policy Design Group. The name comes from a story of the bartender's little black book and the women he has known and loved.

キラキラのぞけまんげきょう | homesickdesign

Poster by Homesick Design for Prop Room


" True Colours always stand out !

10155140_818548851529774_4064016805166653314_n.png (648×960)

japanese graphic design and illustration

作品-小錯宴展覽視覺/畫廊-Cat Bell  ART&DESIGN

Things I do, things I want to do & things that I will never do Archive



Graphic drawing of yellow house

make open house party invite someday

湯気まで美味しい まめむすびの会

gurafiku: Japanese Poster: Aomame House: Steamed Until Delicious.

Alumni Meeting

Typographic poster design by Hirofumi Abe

Nani IRO

Nani IRO / I think it means "what colour" or "that colour".



soda design is Design studio in Tokyo.