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Pet Camper by Straight Line Designs Why should humans have all the fun? This canine camper from Canada’s Straight Line Designs allows your pooch to appreciate all things Airstream, as well. (Well, all things except actual road-worthiness, but still.

Make a Statement with Minimalist Dog Houses

Make a Statement with Minimalist Dog Houses

The Deauville Pet House offers an interesting modern look for your dog.

Fuora Modern Dog House: It's also available in white, but Miles prefers it in black.

Italian outdoor company Fuora, is launching DogHouse a modern and stylish dog kennel which requires no maintenance at all. DogHouse is a high quality and h

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We create Airstream-inspired products including Airstream birdhouses, doghouses, photo frames and more! Chrome Dome Studio uses the highest quality materials to make our Airstream products.

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Loving the Puphaus!                                                                                                                                                     Más

Dog Digs to Love: The Puphaus by Pyramd Design Co - if it's hip, it's here

Labrador dog put spring flowers in front of his house

Pups can have dream houses too! Although my puppy's dream house would probably have more to do with the number of chewbones inside said house than anything else.

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36 Pieces Of Mod Pet Furniture Nicer Than Your Actual Furniture

Ergo-Design- PET « Produtos para Animais Domésticos!

Fresh, sophisticated, modern dog beds and accessories that fit with home's decor. The Chimère line by French design company Bloom Room that debuted recently at Milan Design Week Why can’t all dog stuff be this cool?