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Chorissa Dickinson

Chorissa Dickinson
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Many people in my life have been some of the things described & I saved the pin because it perfectly described what happened then or what may be going on now. So its very likely that it's not about you, but if the shoe fits.

A lie is a lie. Yes they are. I admitted and owned up to mine. I guess others can't because they feel that they are not lying so it doesn't apply to them. I believe hypocrite is the proper word for that.

A lie says more about the liar than it does about the person being lied about. Why lie?

I know. ;)

"You own my heart. And my ass."Bookmark Kinky Quotes for over 1000 naughty sayings about love and sex for him and her!

for years, i thought our "i love you forever" is juz a cliché... i thought there was no really "US"... we've gone thru a lot of "PAIN"... we've both struggled... but it didn't last long cuz we have each other... there's really U & ME... thanks for fighting for our love... and don't QUIT on loving me cuz i really love being yours.... ayLAByu RON Medina #soinlovesince41912 05032014

Alllllllll of yours. Forever and always. So excited about the next few months! *Will we meet each other?