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One of the best ways to check on your steak, this is an awesome thing to share with someone who isn't really comfortable with grilling. Make sure to tell them to resist the urge to cut into the steak before it has had the chance to rest for five minutes after it has come off the grill. Other wise it will be dry as a stone. I speak dah truth...

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Healthy Lunch Ideas

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Baked apple chips These apple chips are made by simply slicing apples very thinly on a mandoline, dusting with a little brown sugar and cinnamon and baking very slowly in a low oven for two hours, flipped the slices once after an hour. They end up becoming these nicely dehydrated, crispy sweet apple chips that delicious to eat. You will love them.

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tea is a great herbal remedy for many body ailments. here is a cheat sheet of the different types of tea that can naturally soothe some of your health issues.

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