Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to reconnect. I need this right now!

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I wish more parents did this!

What a great idea! I'll need to remember this when Collin starts asking for a cell phone in the future

5 Toxic Marriage Habits

5 Toxic Marriage Habits

5 Toxic Marriage Habits - Time-Warp Wife- Best time to prepare is before you are in it!

More ideas
You're Grounded!! To get ungrounded, you must earn 500 points. Choose from the points list below to get there =)

Actually I like the ideas and point system for chores/nice things to do. Make it a fun thing, not about being grounded.

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Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources "Yelling silences your message." Effective Parenting 101 has lots of ideas to stop the yelling cycle you might find yourself in.

How to raise a successful, happy, cooperative child, while disciplining less. In 5 simple steps.The Child Whisperer

How to raise a successful, happy, cooperative child, while disciplining less. In 5 simple steps.The Child Whisperer

How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child with less discipline. The Child Whisperer. I love this.except my 4 year old is at least three of those personality types.

Positive things to continue to say even as they get older

As moms, we must choose to intentionally speak words of encouragement to our children on a daily basis! To give us some fresh ideas, Rachel Wojo is sharing a free printable of 20 Things to Say to Encourage Your Children.

The power of positive - One of the things I learned in college as a teacher was that you should always tell your kids/students what you want and not what you don't want. This is because they hear what you tell them - imagine that?!

Child Photography : Techniques and Equipments

tips for talking to kids this is a great way of different ideas when disciplining your children . I pin kids things for parents with children that see and read my pins

points system for discipline kids. Gives different options to pay the consequence

How To Ground The Kids And Clean The House Without Lifting A Finger

Awesome technique for grounding the kids. Make them earn points to be ungrounded.points awarded with chores!

I want to teach this to my daughter, just as my mom taught them to me. by Aeerdna

I love this. Good things to remember for everyone, not just children. Hold the Door: Lessons for My Kids

Miss Poppins: Teaching Your Children Independence Suggested ages for different tasks

Interesting List of tasks children can master, by age, to gradually gain independence. I think I will take a few of these for the kids chore charts!

What color is your kid? How to motivate for different personality types

Parenting Tips

Kids are different. Some tricks and tips for understanding different personality types (red, blue, white, yellow).

Habits of Effective Parents. For all of you who don't understand why I don't let Baby Love watch much TV.

6 Habits of Highly Effective Parents kids success parents parent children parenting how to habits successful self improvement parenting tips -I'm trying to be a better parent.