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a toy model of a space ship is shown in this close up photo with the words heavenly strike written below it
This isn't a spaceship, it's a LEGO brain-teaser - The Brothers Brick
a car made out of lego blocks on a white background
Lego Borderlands: Outrunner
a lego man standing in front of a blue and brown building with an oven on it's side
LEGO Minifig Furniture
a lego model of a building with flowers in front
LEGO townhouse – modular style
Tan Townhouse - Fronte del primo piano
an image of a building made out of legos with steps leading up to the front door
Modular Raco - Ajuntament
a lego model of a small house with lots of furniture and decorations on the outside
11 - Terrace
a lego model of a house with trees and bushes
Medieval Modular Street
a lego model of a building with chains hanging from it's sides
Homeless - BrickNerd - All things LEGO and the LEGO fan community
a building made out of legos is shown
Mr. Pagely's Bookstore
a large white building with a clock on the top
Aloha tower