Addition Game Math Activity Kindergarten Log Hoppin' Toads - Sea of Knowledge

Addition Game Math Activity Kindergarten Log Hoppin' Toads - Sea of Knowledge

The Elementary Math Maniac: Teaching Math with You Tube Videos: Coins

Money Song | Show Me the Money | Coin Song | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann

Great FREE math tools to use with your interactive white board!

FREE Number Sense Technology Tool - Math Coach's Corner

6 YouTube Channels to Help you Teach Math- Tales from Outside the Classroom

6 YouTube Channels to Help you Teach Math- Tales from Outside the Classroom

Number Sense Fluency & Fitness - kids say the number and do exercises too

Technology Tips & Tricks with Tickled Pink in Primary

Here's a 120 board that is aligned with the Common Core standard 1.NBT.1 - Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral.

Rolling for 120 Hundreds Chart Math Game

Decomposing Numbers Book - K.OA.3

Decomposing Numbers Cut and Paste Book - Numbers 2 through 10

discover 3 math routines to build number sense in your classrooms

Buzz Worthy Ideas - 3 Math Routines to Build Number Sense

Flash Blog Post! Five Math centers that are fast to assemble, easy to update, and that keep kids learning all year long! Part 1.

My Fab Five Math Centers! - Part 1

Mitten Match Math FREEBIE!

Mitten Math Freebie!

How Many in the Bag? Using counting backwards for 1st First Grade Subtraction. ...

First Grade Subtraction-counting backwards

4 in a row wins! Make 2 sets of math fact cards using different colors for each team. Draw a card, find the answer on the board and cover with card. Whichever team gets 4 in a row first wins.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Math Tools

Simple activity to use alongside maths cubes. First page shows ways of making 10 with coloured cubes. Second page is a blank template that can be laminated and used with cubes. Alternatively this could be used as a worksheet with pupils colouring in pairs of numbers to make ten.

Making 10 with maths cubes - Resources - TES

I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show while I was on my way to work last week and Sherri Shepherd (former host of The View) was on the show talking about her son and school. She first began talking about how her son was growing up and then the topic turned  into a conversation about this “new math” or the Common Core Math. Sherri was saying how the … Read More →

Elementary Math 101: Teaching Addition Strategies to ALL Learners - IgnitED

Just did this, it works wonderfully and it's cheap! I used the dollar store Mop & Glo knockoff because I couldn't find it at Walmart, yay Christmas ornaments!

Lee and Becky: Christmas Craft: Glitter Ornaments

Great visual for the numbers 11-20 for a kinder or even 1st grade classroom!

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Classroom Freebies: Sticky Note Math!

Classroom Freebies: Sticky Note Math!

Students will love practicing their subtraction facts with these fun Flappy Tabs!

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FREE Spiral Math Homework for 2nd Grade! {Common Core} 2 Weeks FREE!!!

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Free printable game for subitizing - simple and effective!

Subitizing Partner Game

AMAZING freebie to use for story maps... Perfect for Kindergarten to sketch their plans before writing! :)

Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree: Story Map Freebie!


FREEBIE! Composing Numbers/Addition: Kindergarten Math

Dingoden Family Outback Yapper: Montessori Math -- Place Value, Stamp Card Game

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FABULOUS activity with LEGOs, focused on adding/subtracting one or two.

Mrs. Patton's Patch: Freebie and a Math Workshop Update