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mean girls.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

  • Lauren Shababy
    Lauren Shababy

    It says the pic was taken in '87? Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Little Mermaid weren't out yet then?

  • Sharecca Lynch
    Sharecca Lynch

    Super cute

  • Sasha Perez
    Sasha Perez

    Hi I love your Pinterest and you have so much followers lol could you please follow my Pinterest and it would be so cool to be part of one of your board FYI I'm trying to get 100 followers for April 10

  • Sasha Perez
    Sasha Perez

    Please reply as fast as possible

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when one finger crosses another. lol.

La medicina de Tongoy: agosto 2012

  • jakeeeeeee :)
    jakeeeeeee :)

    How come when i pin this, nobody repins it, but with Christine, she gets thousands of repins

  • CountryLife4Me

    Sorry Jake The Snake, Maybe the ones that repinned didn't see yours cause they're not following you. I just repin the ones I see which are the ones I'm following :(

  • beep bop
    beep bop

    everybody calm. a lil drawing creates a big controversy. such is life.

  • Dana D
    Dana D

    Now thats funny...

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That does it. I'm going to the dark side.

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  • Tasha Gray
    Tasha Gray

    They REALLY do have a Dark Side coffee http://www.thinkgeek.com/ca...

  • Laura Perone
    Laura Perone

    Once you go dark... :)

  • Victoria K.
    Victoria K.

    No 2nd thought here. I'm comming!

  • Marieth Stretten
    Marieth Stretten

    @Claire Miller

  • Shari Both Jewelry Design
    Shari Both Jewelry Design

    I love the dark side.

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I really need a set of these hangers.

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  • Roadkill Girl
    Roadkill Girl

    LOL! Too funny!

  • Daniele Coller
    Daniele Coller


  • Daniele Coller
    Daniele Coller


way to burst my bubble. ;)

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  • aby jaeger
    aby jaeger


  • Faith Watson
    Faith Watson

    same thing goes for Hipstamatic

  • Wendy Frazier
    Wendy Frazier

    love it!!

  • Angie Hoople
    Angie Hoople

    ditto that like this "dont think you're a designer just because you know how to use a tiny bit of photoshop" :)

  • sweetsusie

    Oh praise the lord for who ever made this!

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Me, at Parties - yup, like a drunken snow white. ;)

Me, At Parties Art Print by gemma correll | Society6

  • carmen

    Yep, the animals or the kids, either way I'm with Michelle - they are more interesting and sincere anyway.

  • Mary Weber
    Mary Weber

    I'd be right there with you.

  • Mary Weber
    Mary Weber

    I'd be right there with you.

  • Becky Lund & Associates
    Becky Lund & Associates


  • Estate Diamond Jewelry
    Estate Diamond Jewelry


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Made me laugh.

Andrew B. Myers

  • Nick Gondoras
    Nick Gondoras

    That's how a Rubiks makes me feel!

  • Barb Wewers
    Barb Wewers

    I agree that this is a funny picture. It's just a shame that some people are so sensitive that they have to complain because a picture like this is shared. The picture isn't pornographic in any way. To be so offended by a picture of a middle finger sticking up, is terribly prudish, in my book. Maybe, Pinterest isn't for you. Sorry.

  • liliank

    my sentiments too and even my doggies find this funny....life is too short not to look on the funny side......

  • Barb Wewers
    Barb Wewers

    You're definitely right about that, Liliank

  • liliank

    this was meant to Entertain, not offend; otherwise it will Not be just a rubik cube, ha!!! smile people......

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  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander

    I think he said that during a conversation with Al Gore.

  • Barbara Hamby
    Barbara Hamby

    Abe must have been into time travel.

  • Gayle Metcalf
    Gayle Metcalf


  • Ellie Laura
    Ellie Laura


  • Tom Watson's Cleaning 4 Profit
    Tom Watson's Cleaning 4 Profit

    I think he tweeted that!

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i need this on a shirt

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pattern conflict

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  • Bess Connors
    Bess Connors

    I think I know what this feels like


Wit & Delight - A Lifestyle Blog

  • Pauline Angelusnoir
    Pauline Angelusnoir

    very VERY droll...poor piñata donkey!! XD

  • Gayle Metcalf
    Gayle Metcalf


made me lol.

this isn't happiness™ (Hello?), Peteski

  • Kelly Spinka
    Kelly Spinka

    So 80's

  • Teo Zed
    Teo Zed

    smart one!

  • Emilia Petrini ☯
    Emilia Petrini ☯

    So funny! I just loved this board! Followig you! follow me? hope so :)!

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App test

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*gasp!* Facebook.. you naughty naughty social network.

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This should definitely be an option on facebook... except that I would check it often and no one would like me.

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  • S Wood
    S Wood

    Could you even imagine the drama that would go down if these three were actually options? One can only dream...

  • Vero

    Sara Salazar

  • Kerri S
    Kerri S

    As much as I'd apprecite a "dislike" button occasionally, I can totally see how it could be used as a hurtful bullying tactic. Imagine the poor kid who, no matter what they post on FB, gets dozens, if not hundreds of "dislikes". I think keeping just the "like" button is best, and you can comment if you don't like something.

  • Chloë Esakoff
    Chloë Esakoff

    Or we could just stop feeling the need to moan & groan all the time. I get so frustrated every time I see a board dedicated to things that someone DOESN'T like on here, how does that make any sense? Or feeling the need to talk about how ugly something or someone is on someone else's pin. It's a sad set of affairs.

  • Lisa Elliott Grose
    Lisa Elliott Grose

    Ha^3! I love it! You have a great sense of humor.


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  • Mackenzie Harvey
    Mackenzie Harvey


must have been a great party.

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Now I regret I left the fabric shopping bag at home...

FFFFOUND! | Tumblr


yup. that's how I roll.

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  • Dawn Thornton
    Dawn Thornton

    LoL!! That's funny as hell. That's how I feel about texts with abbreviations.

  • Pam Bivens
    Pam Bivens



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You Know You Want Some of This: I will think of this every time I pull thread through the eye of a needle.

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  • Jane Wang
    Jane Wang

    Oh dear...me too : )

There is Nothing Funny About Vaginas: but wieners are hilarious. Haha! Totally.

weiners are hilarious

  • Vikram Yaduvanshi
    Vikram Yaduvanshi


Bosch Food Storage Campaign: The pitch: Bosch keeps food fresh for longer. Waaay longer. Haha!

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