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Vogue Paris, septembre 2011

Vogue Paris, novembre 2008

Je veux une pâtisserie Paul maintenant! | cynthia reccord

THE SHARPER: Emily DiDonato, Hana Jirickova, Karlina Caune & Clement Chabernaud by David Bellemere for Vogue Paris September 2013 'FNO' Supplement

SLUFOOT — malin-and-company: Vogue Paris September 2013

The Classy Issue

The Classy Issue

Blake Lively – Vogue

Blake Lively - Photos - Vogue

Lazy days

8 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You ~ The Pet's Mart

Linda Rodin | Rue


Home - Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell
  • Jini Keruna
    Jini Keruna

    Sometime we all need a simple hug :)

Adorable sidekick

#nickichamarettex #lovenickix

  • Emma Miller
    Emma Miller

    what kind of dog is this? my dog looks so similar and we got her from the shelter!

  • Hartendief

    looks a bit like Samoyed and Shepherd mix

  • Kelley Wilhelm
    Kelley Wilhelm

    Looks like my Jindo :)

  • Skippy Roo
    Skippy Roo

    Looks just like my American Eskimo when he's been to the groomer


  • Amanda James
    Amanda James

    I miss this....

  • Josee Pilon
    Josee Pilon

    Devon Doogie made me think of you and tide

  • Lana Davison
    Lana Davison


  • Glenda Saavedra
    Glenda Saavedra


Man's best friend

  • Heather Cosgrove
    Heather Cosgrove

    Will she tolerate this! Hand close to her behind??

  • Stephanie Jackson
    Stephanie Jackson


  • Cynthia Valdivia
    Cynthia Valdivia

    Briana Valdivia good pose for Devin

  • Glenda Saavedra
    Glenda Saavedra

    I had a Boxer the best she lived to be 15.miss her so....

I want to be her when I'm older.

Linda Rodin and Winky - ADVANCED STYLE
  • Jacqualine-Marie Baxman
    Jacqualine-Marie Baxman

    Wow. She's amazing.


    So do I Christine Martinez :-)

  • Patricia Natkin
    Patricia Natkin

    Me too

  • Shelley Hird
    Shelley Hird

    Is dog a labradoodle?

  • Shannon Stone
    Shannon Stone

    Well, you do already have amazing style and a super cute canine friend :)

Fashionable Selby

tuesday's girl: fashionable selby.
  • Aurora James
    Aurora James

Poodle Dog & Elegant Grey

  • Paula D.
    Paula D.

    Too cute

Eric Javits silk turban | StyleCaster

Mad Hatters: Show-Stopping Hats for Spring

Tom and Angus Ford

Fashion's Furry Friends | The Coveteur
  • Heather Lawless
    Heather Lawless

    awe I hope angus has an instagram I can follow!

warm winter fashion with your pooch.

A corgi completes the look

The Stylish Dog-Owner's Guide To S.F.

Yves Klein with Afghan Hound

Marianne Faithfull with her dalmation, 1964

Cute style, cute french bulldog.

  • OzealGlasses

    so cute

C.Z. Guest + pooch pals by Slim Aarons

Golden Girl

styledeityinathens: Oversized
  • Tina Koski
    Tina Koski

    Erin Vitch-lombardi and Christina Bilderbach

  • Beth Warner
    Beth Warner

    that dog looks just like my sammi girl.