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    Words to Live By

    words keep me motivated

    Words to Live By

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    Isn't that the truth - Trent Shelton quote

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    • ML Jewels
      ML Jewels

      And that is the truth

    June Letters Studio | Georgia O'Keefe Quote on fear


    Let it roll right off your back and move on

    • Kathy Pfister
      Kathy Pfister

      Will try harder

    Appreciate the lesson.

    yoga time - yoga blog
    • Mikado Hikyuu
      Mikado Hikyuu

      Some times it IS a waste of time. Some times it is a mistake. Some times the only lesson to be learned is that there is genuine evil in the world, some times you are just blessed lucky to even escape alive. Do not make excuses for evil. Do not say all is well that end's well, do not say well if you learned some thing then just appreciate the lesson. Reality is not nearly as simple as philosophy.

    Always remember

    La Dolce Vita: This Week’s Quote

    Some people need to live by this quote...

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    Never live life uncomfortably - don't be afraid to be you!

    HANDLETTERING - Cocorrina by Corina Nika
    • Leandro Sperandio
      Leandro Sperandio

      But being myself is uncomfortable :/

    • Barbara Murphy
      Barbara Murphy

      If being different is uncomfortable to you, then get creative and find ways to get comfortable being you. Put some thought to it. Read some articles and books. Whatever works for you. Finding a way to be comfortable being yourself is well worth the effort.

    The secret to having it all is knowing you already do

    A Simple Life: De-clutter Your Home

    Be brave, lovely. Creativity takes courage.

    Full Fontal

    Get moving

    it goes without saying

    Always look for the beauty. Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day!
    • Metal Pressions | Personalized Jewelry
      Metal Pressions | Personalized Jewelry

      Love it.

    create your own sunshine

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    • Vera Lucia Prearo Oliveira
      Vera Lucia Prearo Oliveira

      That's it.

    • Anastasia ✌  Po
      Anastasia ✌ Po

      true true

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      zhao linying

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    Be Bright. Be Happy. Be You. #LightYearsAhead StriVectin

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    yes way

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    Gotta remember this...

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    Have fun and getting it done will be a breeze.

    Whistle While You Hustle - Thyme Is Honey

    Always and for everything

    So Very Thankful - Heart Love Always

    And everyday after that!

    Golden Words, Enjoy Today, Original 8.5 x 11 Pink and Gold Handlettering, Limited Edition

    Always do what you've got to do no matter what. Be a fighter!

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    Throw on your highest heels and go.

    CHANGE | TheyAllHateUs
    • David Cuadros
      David Cuadros

      Lol I was gonna give up at a job interview today then I readed this... I'm gonna get that job. Thanks :)

    • Anastasia ✌  Po
      Anastasia ✌ Po


    Never let fear hold you back

    A Little Life Lesson + Your Weekend's 6 Must-Click Links | Apartment34 | Business of blogging

    Nothing is worth more

    Midnight Shivers

    Wear it everyday.

    • m j
      m j

      Not because it's fashionable, but because it's the right way to be!

    Smarter not Harder

    FRYday: Jenna | Small Fry

    Look your most fabulous - it feels good :)

    DRESS UPS | TheyAllHateUs
    • Laura Cox
      Laura Cox

      Sayoko Lynn Ummmm, I need to go shopping!! 😉

    • Sayoko Lynn
      Sayoko Lynn

      Laura Cox Let's go!

    • Do Ctor
      Do Ctor

      Is this text blue and black?