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Words to Live By

words keep me motivated

Words to Live By

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create your own sunshine

  • Vera Lucia Prearo Oliveira
    Vera Lucia Prearo Oliveira

    That's it.

  • Anastasia Potapchuk
    Anastasia Potapchuk

    true true

yes way

Have fun and getting it done will be a breeze.

Whistle While You Hustle - Thyme Is Honey

Always and for everything

So Very Thankful - Heart Love Always

And everyday after that!

Golden Words, Enjoy Today, Original 8.5 x 11 Pink and Gold Handlettering, Limited Edition

Always do what you've got to do no matter what. Be a fighter!

Throw on your highest heels and go.

CHANGE | TheyAllHateUs
  • David Cuadros
    David Cuadros

    Lol I was gonna give up at a job interview today then I readed this... I'm gonna get that job. Thanks :)

  • Anastasia Potapchuk
    Anastasia Potapchuk


Never let fear hold you back

A Little Life Lesson + Your Weekend's 6 Must-Click Links | Apartment34 | Business of blogging

Nothing is worth more

Wear it everyday.

  • Hussain

    Christine Martinez Loya hello Christine! Hope you are good! Actually i wanted to inquire something about your account, would you mind following me back to enable me to contact you directly? You may also contact me on my email alot for your cooperation!

  • m j
    m j

    Not because it's fashionable, but because it's the right way to be!

Smarter not Harder

FRYday: Jenna | Small Fry

Look your most fabulous - it feels good :)

DRESS UPS | TheyAllHateUs
  • Laura Cox
    Laura Cox

    Sayoko Lynn Ummmm, I need to go shopping!!

  • Sayoko Lynn
    Sayoko Lynn

    Laura Cox Let's go!

  • Do Ctor
    Do Ctor

    Is this text blue and black?

treat yourself with love and kindness

  • Barbara Wright
    Barbara Wright

    Yes..I will!

Don't stop until you find it.

Look for the opportunity to learn.


Don't let anyone steal your thunder.

Excel at being you.

The Classy Issue

Don't give it another thought

  • Latarius Ross
    Latarius Ross

    Sadly easier said than done.: /

  • Jan Arrighi Moseley
    Jan Arrighi Moseley

    Let it go! Easier saidvthan done but don't give them the pleasure

  • Cara

    amen! ;-) @christineMartinezLoya

There's nothing like unconditional love from a pet.

14 inspirational quotes for kids - TOMFO
  • Priyadarshini K
    Priyadarshini K

    yyup yup yup, we all agree. I love puppies.

  • Beth Overhuls
    Beth Overhuls

    And his name is Fergus.

  • Lucy Voller
    Lucy Voller

    Lauren Traver :)

  • A F
    A F

    No it has two boobs and two legs. And gives excellent head...

Self Control

  • Clare Goyes
    Clare Goyes

    Def need to work on this...

  • Christina~

    definitely, I have to work on this too

  • Melissa Graver
    Melissa Graver

    So true that's not even funny!

  • Janet Coleman
    Janet Coleman

    Hard to do, but so necessary!

  • Renee Trudgeon Gwaltney
    Renee Trudgeon Gwaltney


Live up to your 2015 resolutions

Autumn mantra - Anna gillar

Include this in your New Year resolutions

More Kindness — Jen B. Peters

Focus on being big

  • Buffy Kawai Mullenix
    Buffy Kawai Mullenix

    A different version of this has been my lock screen in my iPhone for over a year. :)