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Classical Dressage -The Masters

"Training a horse is above all feeling and trying, according to what you feel, to help the horse and not to force him." - dressage master Nuno Oliveira

“Don’t lose sight of the fact that hip and legs drive the horse forward and the hands merely channel this power by gentle rein aids.

Women won the right to compete in Olympic dressage for the first time in 1952. One of the first women to compete was Lis Hartel from Denmark. In 1944, Hartel, then a 23, was paralysed by polio. Gradually she reactivated most of her muscles, but remained paralysed below the knees. After three years of rehabilitation, she was able to compete in the Scandinavian riding championships and finished second in women's dressage.  In 1952, she was chosen to represent Denmark at the Helsinki Olympic…

The first woman to win an equestrian Olympic Medal, Lis Hartel won an individual silver medal for dressage in She had overcome polio and was still paralyzed from the knees down. (the only Olympic sport where women and men go head to head!

Double Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies | The View From Great Island

Double Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies 1 stick cup) unsalted butter, softened cup confectioner's sugar cup dark cocoa powder 1 teaspoon vanilla cup all-purpose flour cup dark chocolate chips

London Fog Shortbread - Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Bean (I must try these for Nathan! Thanks, Michelle. :))

Love London Fog as a drink (aka Duke of Earl) so this should be good! London Fog Shortbread - Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Bean

A classic slice and bake shortbread cookie featuring everybody's favorite flavors!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies Oh, I am SO going to have to try these! I LOVE peanut butter cookies and shortbread cookies and chocolate chip cookies!