Chris Martin
Chris Martin
Chris Martin

Chris Martin

A tapa-size serving of bull tail stew in Garum 2.0, in Cordoba, Spain

Homemade Korean Barbeque

Buttery Lobster Roll

Lemonade = Lemons + Soda Water

Spicy New Orleans Barbeque Shrimp

Sacramento Street | mexican veggie soup w/ lime and avocado

Crockett and Jones 'How to care for your shoes', via YouTube.

A guide to rolling up your sleeves.

How to fold a suit, pants and shirt to go in a suitcase without wrinkling

Johnny Cash Sings Tom Waits' "Down there by the train"

Townley Brown Leather - Cap-toe Blucher Lace-up Oxford Men's Dress Shoes by Allen Edmonds

Great live recording of Santaclara, one of my favourite songs by The National. Happy Genius Heroes.

Plastic travel box of spices. Such a good idea.

Sometimes you just need a little moonlight sonata.

Fact: Kennedy wore a skinny tie.

Feist proves is an incredible guitarist, in addition to being incredible at just about everything else.

sweet potato, apple & pancetta hash / food + words