Doors Around The World: La Roque d'Anthéron ~ Bouches-du-Rhône, France Creative painting to match with the flowers

my tiny house has to have some awesome doors in it. no ordinary doors!

Oak Door with Iron Accent: this is one of the most beautiful doors I have ever seen . i can only day dream of what magical things from long ago lay behind that magnificent entrance

A new coat of paint would make this into a stunning door  ||||  Bordeaux, France

Beautiful "Bordeaux" Purple door in Bordeaux, France! (Look at all the mail slots in this entry door!

Secret Garden Door, Longitude Lane, Charleston, SC © Doug Hickok

This one had me at purple! Plus it has the whole "secret garden" thing going on. ~js Garden gate, Longitude Lane, Charleston, SC (Doug Hickok) -- Whispers on the Wind

Cumbria, England---ok, I really wanna go thru that door!

Lake District, Cumbria, England weathered grey door -- the wood above the door, along with the off-kilter-yet-not cut of the entire thing lends a combination of primitive quality and clever, artful know-how.