Chris-Rachael Oseland

Chris-Rachael Oseland

Austin, TX / I'm a geek who pays my rent by assembling pretty words. If you need a writer (or nerd fight mediator) I'm often for hire & always worth the money.
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This Pumpkin Magic Custard Cake recipe is like pumpkin pie without the crust. It has a custard layer topped with cake. Try it for Thanksgiving dinner!

17th Century Almond Ginger 'Bread' from : M'Lady's Book of Household Secrets -- a marzipan with almonds, rosewater and ginger. Spicy and perfumed and a breeze to make.

Marrow pudding with puff pastry cover, popular in 17th-18th century England. Not sure if this is a pudding or a pie!

Colonial Spruce Beer If you’re into home-brewing, I’ve got a recipe for you: Spruce Beer! This is a uniquely flavorful beer has been made in American since the 17th century; it would have been brewed