Music Quote

Hey Music, Thanks for the Therapy! Music works every time to change my mood to a more positive and happy place.

Bubblegum guitar! Cool!

The “Gumball” Guitar circa 1990 : tonalinstruments --- pp: ♫♪ Yummy guitar ♫♪

Drums set sign

Drums set sign / Music Studio retro vintage wall decor by hodeac. For my music area

What Is Going On With Music?

What Is Going On With Music?

I'm glad we still have a few good bands keeping the rock spirit alive in their own unique ways. ---Bust seriously what happened to people's taste in music. Pop is taking over and it sucks!


Drums tempo- you know it! Drummer sets the beat :-p

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We have a special section with pictures from My beloved DJ -Setup and dozens of other real DJ Booths.

Kool Herc

dj.kool herck!! - zeus1609

DJ KOOL HERC- the father of hiphop I gotta start here. This is a classic shot! Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun!

Hot Stuff!!

Musical genius, brilliant, talented and gorgeous - Prince and Denise Matthews, his inspiration for "Purple Rain"

Deep-house, tech-house, high music, kings of leon

Loving this vibrant font // Multicolore FREE Font by Ivan Filipov, via Behance