scarf knots for the essential fall look. If you do one thing this fall, learn how to wear a scarf! It will change your Christopher could rock all of these looks and be GQ spread worthy, but would he do it willingly?


scarf and blazer with piping. I could never use the word scarf, blazer or piping with Paul but this is hot.

Chronograph Edition Antoine de Saint Exupéry

anchordivision: “IWC Chronograph Edition Antoine de Saint Exupéry With being 144 years in business, the globally known watchmaker IWC definitely knows its craft. Now they’ve introduced their sixth tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, pioneering.


Although generally I wear black or red leather gloves, I have always wanted a pair like these. Silly as it may sound, they make me think of the time between the Great Wars when train travel was the best and fastest way to go.


Excellent style using jeans, sport coat, lapel pin, pocket square, and textured tie.hate the socks though.


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The Blaken®-refined Rolex Explorer in luxurious black - order its most exclusive variation now at Blaken®!


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White/blue checkered shirt, light brown jacket, white pants and fancy belt