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Unfortunately, narcissists not only don't apologize, they will never change either.

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There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your…

I had to walk away. It's not easy not seeing my nieces and nephew, in fact it totally sucks. We absolutely adore and love them so much. I just couldn't take being judged by an illness I couldn't prevent and being told that I was lying about having a brain tumor. I just wish I wasn't sick, maybe then none of this would have happened. So sad.

4 ways to measure the trust and honesty in your marriage

In a marriage, the level of honesty with each other determines the level of intimacy with each other. Here are 4 ways to test your current strength and evaluate areas for improvement.

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

;-)) yep!!!!! you're not sorry you did it. your sorry i found out. i hope that the people who hurt me all of these years, reads this and know that i hate them and that what they did to me is not what people/friends/family do to you. also, what you trust someone with you life, and they break it, you cant ever get that trust back again. and thats what hurts the most.