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Aid Grape

Grape Kool

Favorite Kool

Favorite Flavor

Favorite Drink

Favorite Color

Purple Grape

Purple Rain

Purple Haze

the original purple drink (rePinned 082513TLK) are you kiddin' me! the ultimate summer refreshment...add lemon...

What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor?

Tan M S

Blue Tan

Tan Brown


Brown Green

Yellow Orange

Remember Tan

Remember Light


The original color mix, no blue, pink etc, but both light ad dark brown, red, yellow, orange and green. Thems were the days.

I'm Remembering!

Making Paper

Make Paper

Paper Glue

School Christmas

Christmas Trees

70S Christmas Decorations

Childhood Christmas

Christmas Paper

Christmas Chains

Who didn't make these as a kid, especially at Christmas time, using red and green construction paper?

Christmas Paper Chains

Reborn Dolls Old

Dúkkur Dolls

Dolls Toys Bears

Baby Dolls

Dolls Oui

Doll S

Antique Vintage Dolls Toys

Vintage Treasured Dolls

Cherished Dolls

Composition Mama tin eyes white dress by Visit My Dolls, via Flickr

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Vintage Girls

Vintage Dolls

Vintage Art

Vintage Children S

Vintage Cards

Vintage Cutie

Vintage Toddler

Vintage Dream

Vintage Babies

typical reading book illustration...cute little dress, right? vintage

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2 Years

Three Years

Living Usa

Living Sheets

Paid 11

600 Bucks

Goodness Things

Math Lessons

1 Penny

the 50's

From the 50's & 60's

School 1952

School Aunt

School Days

Frances Ding

Pre Schooler

Bygone Tv

Dong School

Days Ago

Ding Dong

Miss Frances of Ding Dong School.

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eBayfrom eBay

Vintage 1960s Hasbro NURSE KIT Doctor MINT SEALED Candy

Hasbro Nurse

1960S Hasbro

Vintage Hasbro

Vintage 1960S

70'S Hasbro

Hasbro Doctor

Vintage Nurse

Vintage Games

Vintage Dolls

I had one of these (and also the Hasbro doctor kit, which had a red case) in the early '70s. Candy pills!!!!!!!

Vintage 1960s Hasbro NURSE KIT Doctor MINT SEALED Candy

Clue Board Game

The Game Clue

70'S Board Games

Clue Favorite

Favorite Board

Playing Clue

Loved Playing

Cluedo Clue

Play Clue

Clue Game Note Pad; I loved to play Clue as a kid! Still have the original game and these note pads!

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Memories Vintage

Fond Memories

Childhood Memories

Book Inside

Inside Cover

Inside 1955

Books 1955

Book Endpapers

Cover Circa

How many fond memories are held between the covers of a Little Golden Book? Golden Book endpaper (1955)

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Grandmas Set

Grandmother S Set


Grandma Taught

Set Mom

Moms Set

Moms 3

Spoons Mom

Aluminum Measuring

Vintage Aluminum Measuring Spoon Set by dtriece on Etsy My Mom used this one till the day she died (age 66 unexpectedly)

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Vintage Children Books

1960'S Childrens Books

Kids Books

Vintage Books

Fav Vintage

Vintage Item

Toddler Books

Children S Book

Man Whitman

FREE SHIPPING! Vintage Children's Book - The Gingerbread Man - Whitman - Tell-A-Tale on Etsy, $7.43

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Big Dolls

Girls With Dolls

Baby Dolls

Boy Doll

1930'S Doll

Photos Girls

Doll Photos

Children Photos

Photos Of

I had a boy doll exactly like the one in Macy's window...Child enchanted with dolls at Macy’s, New York, 1949

Dolly Mixture

HDR cremefrom HDR creme

Drive In re-post'


Drive In S

Food Drive

Retro Drive In

Drive In Diner

Called Drive

1950S Drive In Movie

1950S Movies

Car Drive

Car hop food service tray from the 1950's and 60's. And a speaker from a drive in theater. Loved it.....

Drive In re-post'

Vintage Kfc

Vintage Retro Nostalgia

Retro Gal

1970'S Nostalgia

Vintage Kentucky

1960 Kentucky

Called Kentucky

Kentucky Girl

Kfc Bucket

Colonel Harland Sanders picture on one of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken Buckets. His chicken was " Finger Lickin Good "

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Projector Movie

8Mm Projector

Vintage Projector

Films 8Mm

8Mm Film

Film 8

Watched Videos

Watched Movies

Home Movies

8mm film projector...this is how we watched movies in elementary school, and family movies every once and a while at home or at the grand parents house.

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Candy Pills

Remembered Vintage

Remembered Toys

Oldies Remembered

Nurse'S Kit

Nurse Kits

Vintage Nurse

Vintage Toysssssssss

Vintage Dolls 1960

Boys got doctor kits. Girls got nurse kits. Had Candy Pills! I bought mine at the neighborhood grocery store "On Credit" with my weekly allowance.

Vintage 1950s Nurses Playset Kit Hassenfeld HASBRO | eBay

1970'S Bubble

Bubble Pipes

Plastic Bubble

Pipes Loved

1970S Themes

Bubble Solution

Soap Bubbles

Vintage Bubble

Past 70

I'm sure these are no longer sold, like bubble gum cigarettes. I always swallowed the bubbles anyway.

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70'S Graphic Design

70'S Design

Inspiration Falls

Comme Inspiration

70 S Logos

Logos Badges

Flickr 1970'S

Type 1970 S

Gilbert Days

Bicentennial76_card by cmpb301, via Flickr #1970's #70's #design #graphicdesign

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Carole Jackson

Jackson 9780345345882

Jackson Thought

Professional Color

Guidelines Professional

Beautiful Carole

Beautiful Classic

Beautiful Color

Beautiful Ebook

Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. I thought this was so cool at the time. You answer a series of questions from your answers, you find out if you are a winter spring summer or fall color palette for clothing. Then, once you found out what season you were, you had a set of color swatches to use for shopping for clothes.

Color and Personal Fashion Impact

First Grade Reading

Loved Reading

School Reading

Teaching Reading

Books Red

Elf Books

My Books

1950S Children S

Children S School

1950s Common color coded early grade school reading group books - red, green, blue based on reading level

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Pbenjay's Blogfrom Pbenjay's Blog

Thursday’s Top Ten Toys From My Childhood

Candyland Loved

Vintage Candyland

Original Candyland

1949 Candyland

Classic Candyland

Candyland Birthday

Birthday Party

Party Madilyngrace

Candyland Nostalgia

Lollipop woods, gum drop mountain, molasses swamp, candy cane forest - Candy Land. Loved this game!

Thursday's Top Ten Toys From My Childhood

Memories Vintage

Memories Nostalgia

Childhood Memories

Skool Nostalgia

Remember Childhood

Childhood Reminders

Remembering Childhood

Childhood Rocked

Teenage Memories

Heaven Scent. I remember my Sister and I would order this from Young Miss Magazine back in the day :-)

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Vintage Christmas 1970S

Christmas In The 70S

Christmas List

Candies Platform

90S Platform Shoes

Wearing Em

Wore Em

Socks 1970S

1970S Shoes

Toe socks came into popularity in the United States in the 1970s and made a comeback in the 1990s. Could never be comfortable in these. But had a pairof these.

Pet Rocks, Toe Socks, and Mood Rings (nonfiction)

Years 1970'S

Teen Years

Gold Things

Sealing Wax

Childhood Flashbacks

Childhood Memories

1970'S Memories

Vintage Childhood

1960 S 1970 S

Sealing wax and stamps ♥ My college roommate and I used these on letters we exchanged after college.

vintage butterfly Wax sealing seal stamp w stick pink wax | eBay