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How to Pray for your Husband

Freebie Friday

How to pray for your husband. I don't have a husband obviously, but I can start praying for my future husband.

do not be afraid

Remember This! The Phrase "do not be afraid"is written in the Bible 365 times. That's a daily reminder from God to live every day being fearless

"I'm fine"

I'm fine! I'm not an "I'm Fine" kinda girl. I wear my heart and emotions on my sleeve. However, I will continue to strive to be an "I'm Fine" kind of girl.

Calligraphy Nautical Bible Verse Print by AMEdetails on Etsy, $10.00

Original Calligraphy Nautical Bible Verse Print Psalm Mightier than the waves

John Piper- Don’t Waste Your Life

Don’t Waste It

From the meditative doodles of my lovely wife this morning… John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life, page God calls us to pray and think and dream and plan and work not to be made much of…

Teaching quote

Without teachers, there wouldn't be other professions. How would people learn how to do their job if someone didn't teach them?

I am in this state of mind. I just have to remind myself of it everyday. No regression! Only forward-moving. Time to take the scissors of life and CUT the loose ends.

I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me. Now I look around and wonder if I like them. - getting older is a good thing

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