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Love to look at shoes and nails😎
Christina deleo
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Jackson. just to let everyone know i own this pic because i found it on G+ okay :) so do not use this text what i type in becuase tha'ts liing :)

Miss him so much *cries on pillow* he was so young *cries for a few hours* *looses hydration* *wakes up seeing his face* Me: Michael? Michael: yeah its me Me:*cries some more*

Michael Jackson Memes

I tried to do a try not to sing along that was MJ songs. not even sad I take it like a champ cause us MJ fans are champs.

Today he is still being judged. He was the nicest person who ever moonwalked this earth<<<maybe even the universe! Repin if you LOVE MJ WITH ALL YOUR HEART!

Funny pictures about Bad Luck Michael. Oh, and cool pics about Bad Luck Michael. Also, Bad Luck Michael photos.

How I feel when I listen to Michael Jackson.

:) Actually in the first move he was dancing to Another Part of Me.