resurrection rolls

Hocus Pocus buns - Marshmallows dipped in melted butter, then cinnamon sugar, wrapped in crescent rolls and baked. They're called Hocus Pocus buns because the marshmallows disappear! But could be called Easter buns, to represent the empty tomb

15 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunts are pure fun for children of all ages. This Easter, provide kids with a variety of exciting Easter egg hunt ideas. Here are some fun Easter egg hunt ideas for kids and kids at heart.

Marbelized Easter Eggs (& they are edible too if you don't mind food coloring)! These were just so easy and lots of fun to make for my 4 and 6 yr old. The colors/designs are amazing - down to the egg shells. You must try it!

Marbelized Easter Eggs: hardboil eggs, crack them without breaking them, put in ziploc with food dye

Easy way to dye eggs using a whisk, it has to be a larger whisk and you separate it a little and put the egg in the center.

Easter egg dying for little hands. Use a whisk! I'll have to remember this when Easter rolls around! No little kiddos but I still dye eggs :) Great idea!