Stuffed Pizza Rolls

Stuffed Pizza Rolls, this would be a quick easy app for a potluck (Now that's a surprise inside) I must try.once I can eat bread again.

Pepperoni String Cheese Roll Ups    1 (8 ounce) package refrigerated crescent roll dough  4 cheese sticks, halved  1 (3.5 ounce) package sliced pepperoni  optional - marinara or ranch sauce for dipping    Garlic Butter Glaze:  2 tablespoons butter, melted  1/2 teaspoon Italian seasonings  1/4 teaspoon garlic powder  1 Tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese

Pepperoni String Cheese Roll Ups. >> For mine I just put marinara on the crescent roll, layer on some pepperoni, then put of the cheese stick in then roll it up! We eat these so often and they are great for parties!

Pepperoni Rolls

PEPPERONI ROLLS: so easy to make. All you need is some frozen bread dough, pepperoni, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and some Italian herbs. I used a little pizza sauce too! Probably won't use the pepperoni

This easy Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla recipe takes just minutes! With fiber-rich whole grains and lots of protein, it’s perfect as a quick meal or a hearty power snack! {ad} |

5-Minute Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla

This easy Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla recipe takes just minutes! With fiber-rich whole grains and lots of protein, it’s perfect as a quick meal or a hearty power snack!

Pepperoni Pizza Puff Pastry Roll-Ups

Slice and Bake Pepperoni Pizza Puff Pastry Roll-Ups

Pepperoni Pizza Puff Pastry Roll-Ups- delicious! I used pizza crust instead of puff pastry, but would switch next time. Also, I didn't do the freezer step- it's necessary though.

Stuffed Pizza Rolls | The Girl Who Ate Everything

Stuffed Pizza Rolls


Stromboli - Yum, salami, provolone, and banana peppers! I fuggin' LOVE banana peppers!

Pizza Cone Grilling

How much does this make you drool? If you´re a pizza lover you´ll love this. Pizza Cones, have to be one of our favorite inventions. With the Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cone Set, you can take your pizza making to a whole new level, great fun and e

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crescent pepperoni roll ups

Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups

Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups 1 can refrig. crescent rolls 40 slices pepperoni 4 pieces of mozz. string cheese, cut in half garlic powder pizza sauce Preheat oven to bake min. Serve with a side of warm pizza sauce.

Pizza roulé

Easy Pizza Roll-Ups ---~>A new twist on pizza night, super easy, yummy Pizza Roll-ups! Easy and delicious! I enjoyed this dinner over the holidays because it was so simple!

PIZZA BALLS: 3 cans Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits; 60 pepperoni slices; Block of cheese; 1 beaten egg; Parmesan Cheese; Italian Seasoning; Garlic Powder; 1 jar pizza sauce:Slice cheese into ~28 squares. Flatten each biscuit & stack pepperoni & cheese on top. Gather edges of biscuit & secure on top of the roll. Line rolls in greased 9x13 pan. Brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle w/ parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning & garlic powder. Bake at 425 F. for 18-20 mins. Serve w/ pizza sauce for dipping.

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Balls cans Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits biscuits per can) 56 pepperoni slices Block of cheese (I use Colby & Monterey Jack) 1 beaten egg Parmesan Italian seasoning Garlic powder 1 jar pizza sauce

Make ahead school lunch ideas for kids...gonna have to get used to packing a lunch twice a week!

Cupcake Pizzas-better than pizza bites! Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Dough Pizza Sauce Shredded Cheese Pepperoni Cupcake Tin (I used a muffin tin so the pizzas were bigger) - easy and fun for kids to make themselves!

Pizza Ring made with Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough. Great appetizer for any party! And especially easy-looking to make if you're the hostess.

Pizza Ring

Pizza Ring – If you are having a few guests over and want a quick and easy appetizer, here is the perfect recipe! WOW sounds like a pretty good pizza. I guess it would kinda be like biscuit pizzas?

Pepperoni Pizza Braid   I love food.  I love making it and I love eating it.  But more than anything else I love how it brings people together.  There is nothing like breaking bread with friends and family.  They are the most special times in life.  That’s why I like food and recipes – and people! – that are […]  Continue reading...    The post  Pepperoni Pizza Braid  appeared first on  In the kitchen with Suzie Q! .

Pepperoni Pizza Braid

Pepperoni Pizza Braid is another fun way to do Friday Night Pizza Night right! (However I'd leave the pepperoni off since I don't eat pork, and I'd make mine a veggie pizza braid!

mini pizza. No recipe attached. Could be good for SLR cooking group.  Easy to chop pepperoni and cheese with BUTTER knives. :)

Stuffed Pizza Muffins- these are awesome! I use shredded mozzarella rather than chunks of string cheese. How in the hell would you neatly roll THOSE up? Also, we call them pizza rolls b/c pizza cupcakes sounds stupid and revolting.

Super easy and oh so tasty! Pull Apart Pizza Bread by Hasenfeffer

Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread “I’m always looking for fast and easy recipes and this one definitely fits the bill! Try this Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe!” Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe that takes hardly no time to throw together.

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas - It takes less than 10 minutes to make this delicious dinner recipe | Snixy Kitchen

Pepperoni pizza quesadillas

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla recipe from Snixy Kitchen Ingredients 8 flour tortillas (I used Trader Joe’s handmade tortillas) 8 ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese ⅓ lb pepperoni 1 jar of pizza sauce Optional: 1 can of sliced black olives,

Easy Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll-Ups.. I Couldn't Believe How Fast These Bake! My Kids (and Husband) Devoured Them In Minutes.

Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll Ups

Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll Ups. Not a huge fan of pepperoni. So just "Cheese Stick Roll Ups.