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Kylie Jenner's beloved lip kits are in style and seemingly never going out. I always try and order them, but they sell out in about 28 seconds everytime she puts them on her website.

Ash-blonde ain't your typical blonde. It's a sultry, sophisticated hue that's grabbed everyone's attention. Check out these 15 unique ash-blonde hair ideas.

Do you have short and thinning hair? You definitely need some hair extensions to enhance the length and volume of your crowning glory. But, before you go to a hair parlor to enhance your hair, be sure that you already know some information on the methods.

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Doing your make up is essential whether you are going to the office or going out. Everyone wants to look attractive, attract attention, and be found attarctive by the opposite sex. There is something natural and instinctive about i

we have like one friends that's a "glue" and without her we wouldn't even be friends we'd just fall apart but she talks shit about literal sky everyone except for one person and I have I wouldn't be surprised if she talked shit about me a lot too