Awesome tally mark clip cards for kindergarten or first grade. Count the tallies and clip the number that matches. Such a fun math activity or math center idea. Perfect for students with special learning needs. Read more and get your FREE download at:

Tally Mark Clip Cards - The Stem Laboratory

February Early Finishers Pack-A Tired Teacher's Timesaver with 20 math and literacy activities that are easy on the ink.

February Early Finishers Pack

Tally Mark Match Up!

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6 Games/Centers you can use to have students practice counting numbers 0-10. {FREE!}

Counting 0-10 Tally Mark Pack

Tally Mark Poster Freebie!

*Freebie*Tally Mark Poster

Find, Tally and Graph- Winter

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Tally mark the cars! My students love this activity!


Tally Mark Tim

Just Reed: Five for Friday!

Tally Mark Freebie Poster!

Glue Sticks & Crayons: Tally Mark Freebie Poster!

Kindergarten tally mark activity- Reilly

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Christina Markle

Literature to Teach Tally Marks

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Tally Marks Matching Games ( in seasonal Orange + Black Chevron Font)

Tally Marks Matching Games - Orange & Black Chevron Design

Crayon Tally Marks Bunting

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Funny Bones Tally Marks Matching Set FREEBIE

Kindergarten Smarts: Funny Bones Tally Marks Matching Set

Tasty Tally Marks

Stories By Storie: Updates & Improvements

The Tally Mark Rhyme - #Math #Preschool #Kindergarten

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Teaching Tally Marks. Tell a silly story about the last kid falling and the four friends catching him! Kids manipulate sticks... learn to group... learn to use tally marks.

First Grade School Box: Teaching Tally Marks

Great math station to practice tallying. Choose a monster card, write the number and draw the tally. FREEBIE

Tally Monster FREEBIE

Just Reed: Tally-Mark Tim

Just Reed: Tally-Mark Tim

Help with tallies

Store: Tara-West -

Tally sheet

Are you afraid of spiders recording sheet

teaching tally marks

First Grade School Box: Teaching Tally Marks

Practice tallying with 3 interactive whole-group or small group activities! :) $1.50

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great concrete way to teach tally marks

Getting to the Core

Free tally mark practice with chicks

Kindergarten Crayons