Lego math game - great visual for reinforcing greater than, less than and equal to

Playful learning with Lego math games. What a simple and fun way to learn math concepts Mehr zur Mathematik und Lernen allgemein unter zentral-lernen.

Kindergarten Math Curriculum. Great ideas for teaching students basic math facts. {Lane and I have been using colored Popsicle sticks to add and subtract and he would also make patterns as he was laying them out lol! ~Kari} | best stuff

Unifix cubes are a concrete representation of addition/number bonds. Building the bond with the Unifix cubes is what develops number sense. Great use for flash cards instead of looking for just memorization

FREEBIE! Showing Evidence Strips....These have great evidence stems to help your kiddos cite specific evidence in their written responses/discussions. Just print and cut down the middle.

The Creative Chalkboard: Showing Evidence Freebie--Great for close reading and text-based evidence. Maybe make into anchor chart instead?

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Second Grade - Even and Odd Numbers - Even Steven & Odd Todd Anchor Chart great for a large group setting.

Crazy for First Grade: Beginning of the Year Math Stations in First Grade

Teaching math to my first graders at the beginning of the year involves a lot of modeling routines, procedures, and new games/activities. We start off by focusing on numeration- identifying and count

Math center idea for tens and ones. I use foam dice so they don't make any noise. Student rolls 2 dice. The 1st number is for the tens place and the 2nd one is for the ones place. If they roll a 6 and 4 they write down 64 and then they draw the picture. You can add more dice for larger numbers.

Math center idea for tens and ones. use foam dice so they don't make any noise. Student rolls 2 dice- number is for the tens place and the one is for the ones place.

blank game board templates for teachers | learningenglish-esl

16 Best Images of Worksheets Blank Game Boards - Blank Game Board Template, Blank Game Board Template and Blank Printable Game Board Templates

Kindergarten math strategies anchor chart- addition and subtraction

TEKS: Audience: Grade Behavior: Explain strategies Condition: used for addition and subtraction up to 20 using spoken words, objects, pictorial models, and number sentences