For a window at L.A. fashion boutique Market, Cathy Callahan crafted artichoke-like orbs made from cutouts from old books, magazines, and stationery.

Seeing Things

Paper ball ceiling decoration made with old book pages

Super Jobs! | Library Book Display

Awesome display featuring a mashup of superhero graphic novels and books on their careers

The windows, the awning, the flowers - this would be a wonderful shop to have.

We can all learn from Parisian flower shops. Make your shop inviting, always have fresh flowers on your doorstep. Oh, and smile and dazzle your customers with your bouquets. They have amazing photos of their biz, too.

Dr. Seuss - on a wall

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks. STACKS OF BOOKS: Dr. Free Printable bookmark and Home Library ideas by obSEUSSed.

Embryo book shop Love the look of this.

Embryo book shop-reminds me of serendipity

Emmy's Pre School Book Corner Tree. I made this with an old curtain drop for the trunk and branches.The leaves were bought in strips from a dollar shop, placed over green netting. the hanging branches have wooden pegs glued to them for the childrens artwork.

Simple Book Corner where the children can get away to read- Book Corner

Book store sign.

Book worm and books - sign for a book shop, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany (Photo: Andreas Praefcke (Own Work), Creative Commons Attribution

Would be a lovely book shop.

Front yard gate and landscape details. A nice desk in front of that window in Back Bay, Boston will be an ideal writing space.

cute open/closed sign for a small shop...

The open closed sign has a classic antique boutique design. Stand features the word "Open" on one side and "Closed" on the opposite side. The open closed sign i

Fun book displays

rain gutter book shelves and bunting. cute idea for the play room

One day, I want to participate! A beginner's Guide to GISHWHES.

Participate in Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

the most marvelous little book store ...

I was ready to take on the world until I saw the most marvelous little book stores *happens to me all the time*

Book Store Business Plan

The Business Plan for Your Book Store

new orleans book store

new orleans book store

Book Store

The Knowledge Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made from hard back books! Don't donate your old books before Christmas! Use them to create the perfect tree! A book lovers perfect Christmas!

The Hamilton shop made bunting out of old children's books to highlight their kids section. Neat!

The Hamilton shop made bunting out of old children's books to highlight their kids section.