Christine Seagraves

Christine Seagraves

Lawrenceville , Georgia
Christine Seagraves
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Do they still have these in elementary schools?

Old school pencil sharpener. Omg when the teacher put it too close to the wall and you'd hit your knuckles every time you sharpened your pencil.

I really do miss these.

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the and ABC Afterschool Specials

white school paste

vintage LePage's White Paste Glue Schooltime Jar School Supplies Remember THIS? Was always really gross when little "Johnny"ate the paste!

Dentyne Classic Gum

Dentyne Gum As the old commercial said: "Brush your breath with Dentyne!" This long lasting cinnamon flavored gum is an old classic. 20 soft individually wrapped pieces in each package. My favorite gum!