Amazing sunset

Golden Rays of Sunshine. Ever since I was a kid every time I see the rays of sun like this I have felt like I see God. It's like God-shine to me. It's like the gates of heaven open up and the God-shine flows out for all to see.


5 Secrets to Getting Gorgeous Flowers

At the top of the long driveway to my grandparents house was two cherry trees, no wonder I loved cherry pies when I was just a child.

Shrine Ridge, #Colorado #USA #views #scenes #landscapes

Rocky Mountain Colors - Rainbow over Shrine Ridge, near Vail, Colorado, Stan Rose

neverforgetnature: “♥ ”

So why do you have to be back by the And I was thinking about this the other day. And I told you already that I liked the pizza idea! Lol I know the kids would like it too :)

Santorini, Greece

Santorini in Greece is known for the white architecture against the incredible blueness of the sky and sea, which makes for a dream romantic vacation spot . Are We There Yet,Bright Places,GREECE!,Have Dreams.Will Trav

Pasture at Dawn, Dunster Somerset, England

Dunster, Somerset, England (by Bob Small photography.) Holy moly, there are supposed to be bukshah in this picture somewhere.