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The kids

Time for Turtletown's breakfast. #sulcata #tortoise

#throwbackthursday with my little Colette who loved to go for rides in the car on my lap. She was such a wonderful dog and we were so lucky she lived to be over 20 years old.

Two bugs in a rug snuggled by the fire.

Happy weekend everyone!

Good night all, sweet dreams!

Ok they are both my prisoners!

The Choo family wishes you a happy weekend!

It's like a flophouse over here and all the kids are passed out lol!

The kids are always relaxed once I get home.

I don't care what's going on, it's Sunday and I am not getting out of bed!

It's National Puppy Day and I need to pamper mine lol! #Nationalpuppyday

Rosebud loves the warmth and protection of her brother Alexander.

It's 84 degrees and Turtle Town is enjoying a swim in his pool lol!

Rosebud wishes everyone a peaceful and good night!

Saturday night selfie with Rosebud.

Turtle town likes having soft bed to sleep in LOL!

Nothing better than a quiet night at home with Rosebud and Alexander!

Good night everyone!

We are happy you are staying home with us tonight daddy!

Somebody loves bananas!

We are ready for a nap.

Chinese broccoli helps you grow big and strong!