Daryl Fitzgerald - Literature Heavyweights (salvaged bricks faking books) This is sweet

Apex Predator Shoes. | fantich & young

Apex Predator - shoes with human teeth by Fantich & Young (the creative partnership of artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young).

After biking to your shop you could use your bike as part of your display! Great example of a creative clothing rack. Multi purpose and space saving. new office - Ștefan Lazãr

The Fuck Off Shoe Collection by Mark McNairy. I honestly wish all of my shoes had this on the bottom of them! The saying "kick rocks" would now have so much more meaning behind it lol!


My first road bike was a Bianchi.the Celeste is still my favorite color ever!

Billboard Swing – Created by Didier Faustino

Billboard converted to a swing set. "Paris-based architect Didier Faustino made this cool swing set out of a converted advertising billboard for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture.

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