Wine jello shots. ...because real women are classy when they're being trashy...

These sangria-inspired gelees, infused with sweet wines and subtly undercut with citrus flavors, are for sophisticated palates. Dessert Wine Gelees with Citrus Fruit - Martha Stewart Recipes

"life size" beer pong for a beach party or camping. or my backyard!!!! so fun!

why have i not thought of this . "life size" beer pong for a beach party or camping. or my backyard! so fun! I am definitely making this for our "new/rebuilt" beach house party this summer!

Cocktail Tree

Cocktail Tree (like a cupcake tree but possibly more fun).This reminds me of the cocktail tree we had at the sushi restaurant we went to in Vegas.Now that was a night to remember.

Bloody Mary

Sriracha Bloody Mary Recipe

Sriracha Bloody Mary Recipe ~ they have created their own homemade sriracha-style chili hot sauce recipe! This is a Thai style hot sauce which is an addicting creamy spicy hot sauce mayo that you can lather on just about anything!

Popsicles and champagne I'd even try wine

Champagne poured over popsicles. Dip popsicle in champagne and eat popsicle.or Let popsicle completely melt into champagne and drink fruity infused champagne.

awesome idea!

Shot Glass Card, A Paper Greeting Card That Folds Into a Shot Glass

Not into whisky really but could be used with any other drink. =P Shot Glass Birthday Card ---> It reads, "Happy Birthday! First shot's on me!(Inside) No, seriously. This card turns into a shot glass.

Drunken Gingerbread Cookies by willcookforfriends #Cookes #Gingerbread

Drunken Gingerbread Cookies by kitchen tramp. How adorable are these drunken gingerbread cookies, lol?

Battleshots... If only we discovered this three years ago

Homemade Battleship (NO BOOZE! aka Battleship played on empty pizza boxes with alcohol. This is college.

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