Exploding bags with baking soda and vinegar-science lesson. They take off like rockets!

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Another science fair idea: Make rainbow roses by splitting the stems into strands and placing each one in food coloring. The roses draw the food coloring into the petals. Im gonna try this just for kicks lol

Rainbow Roses: All Colors in One Rose


Earth Science Unit.....A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains. So many other engaging (and easy to replicate) Earth science activities on her site!

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What a science experiment this would be! Thats Freakin' nasty! I hate ants. But this is pretty cool..... Gross but cool

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make magic sand - build castles under water - the sand stays dry!!!! This site has fabulous science projects....

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A clear plastic bottle, (we used 1 liter, but you could use any clear drink bottle.) Water Oil Food coloring Alkaseltzer Tablets

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Crystal Egg Geodes... and other "mad scientist" ideas for kids.

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Interactive bird website

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milk + vinegar = plastic

From a Liquid to a Solid


Gummy bear experiment

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Cool science experiment! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

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Make Elephant Toothpaste! A Science Experiment for lil kiddos completely safe and clean. Includes scientific reaction explanation for older kids science projects.

Preschool Powol Packets

Science Experiment: Elephant Toothpaste


A volcano in a mug. Neat idea to show kids how they work. Much more accurate than the old baking soda/vinegar idea.

Storm In A Tea Cup


Walking Water- Science experiment for young children. Please tell me that yellow liquid is food coloring! ;)

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Making stalagmites!

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Oil and Water Fireworks -- Science Experiment

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TEABAG ROCKET: Amaze your kids! How it works: “Everyone knows that hot air rises and this experiment demonstrates that idea as well as the principles of convection currents. As the tea bag burns, hot air is being created, as well as a thermal, or convection current, under the bag. When the tea bag burns down into a small enough ball of ashes, the convection current causes it shoot up in the air.” [Quoted directly from Steve Spangler Science.]

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A science activity that is fun, unique, and beautiful too!

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Rock candy!

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microenvironments : hmmm

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