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Dairy-free & Vegan 'Purple Power Smoothie Bowl' - loaded with antioxidants, omegas and fiber to keep you nourished and full. Decadently healthy with nut butter, cacao nibs, fresh fruit and superfoods, this is one powerful breakfast bowl! From The Glowing Fridge. ♡

Creamy Kale Coconut Smoothie. VEGAN. Balancing, nutrient-dense, packed with beauty minerals and super creamy from avocado, this is a brain-boosting green monster smoothie with tropical vibes that you will LOVE. From The Glowing Fridge.

Fresh OJ, almond milk and a couple bananas are blended together with sweet vanilla flavoring to make a delicious vegan breakfast or snack! Everyone loves an "Orange Julius" and now you can make this treat at home.

This Healthy Salted Caramel Mocha Smoothie is a delicious way to start your day! Flavors of coffee, rich chocolate and salty caramel all come together in a secretly healthy beverage! #CocoaViaHealthy #ad #HeartMonth

Loaded Guacamole Vegetarian Tacos from - fresh vegetables, black beans, and crazy delicious homemade guacamole.

Potato and Kale Enchiladas - or could try spinach; need can of green enchilada sauce, onion, cumin, chili pepper, can green chiles, cilantro for garnish, whole grain tortillas; Brown Sugar