Standard ( Violet Carrier ) CCCU Royal Persian Angora Female Chinchilla

Standard ( Violet Carrier ) CCCU Royal Persian Angora Female Chinchilla

can chinchillas eat apples

Most apples that you would buy at the supermarket are covered with wax. Waxed apples can cause Cancer, but you can make apples safe with these instructions!

can chinchillas eat bananas

Banana - I'm not that big a fan of banana flavored stuff so I decided to get this one half banana, half chocolate. It wasn't a typical fake banana taste, but not a real banana flavor either.

can chinchillas eat strawberries

Can Chinchillas eat Strawberries - Online Chinchilla Care

Essentials for first time chinchilla owner

Chinchillas: crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels, native to the Andes mountains in South America; live in colonies at high altitudes; only in Peru and Chile; along with the viscachas, make up the family Chinchillidae

chinchillas - Google Search

SPS discusses the various different chinchilla noises our furry pets make.


so I was just thinking about dire chinchillas, like you do, and this chap is the fifth hit on bing image search for "dire chinchilla". I don't think he's very dire.DIRELY CUTE MAYBE

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Chinchilla Pictures: How to Take Best Pet Photos

50 fun facts about chinchillas for kids. If you are looking for some interesting and fun facts about chinchillas to help with a project or maybe you are just curious about them, then here are ’50 fun facts about Chinchillas for kids’ to help you get to know them that much better.

50 Fun Facts about Chinchillas for Kids - Online Chinchilla Care

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